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Logo Design // Packaging Design // Art Direction

Fiore is a self-initiated project, based on an online design brief, that I worked on last year. The brief included a short description but the details were up to my imagination. Before I worked on a moodboard, I sat down and sketched some logo variations that came to mind. I then put them aside and worked on the moodboard and direction.


As well as coming up with a range of logos, I put together a colour palette based on the three main fragrances. These colours then built the foundation for the packaging design for each deodorant.


To create a good and wholesome packaging design, the parcel packaging of the product needs to be considered as well. Therefore, I designed a simpel pattern for a satin paper that would wrap the products and protecting materials.The box would also be coloured from the inside and decorated with the business stamp.


A brand needs more than just their logo and product designed, they need business stationery, like business cards, to go along with their brand. This way employees can represent and spread the word about
the brand much easier and more efficiently.

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