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Branding // UI/UX Design // Adobe Xd Prototyping

Foodle is a new recipe app that simplifies your life and helps you live more sustainably. The app lets you minimise food waste and saves you time by suggesting recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home. You can test the full prototype here.


The business idea was developed during my final year at university and was part of a group project. The brief was to work on a digital business model that publishes content either via an app or a website.


The content for our app would come from a collaboration with cookbook publishers who are looking to reach a bigger audience and give potential customers the opportunity to test a small range of recipes from their cookbook list, front and backlist titles.


The main use of the app happens through the search option in the main menu. The user can enter the ingredients they have at home and want to use, and the app suggests recipes that match those as closely as possible. The user then has the option to save the recipe to their favourites to access them more quickly the next time.

With the profile section the user can also determine whether they have dietary requirements, the more information they enter the more customised the app’s recipe suggestions will be.

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